Cashmere and crocodile knot,
the man in the crowd,
the passionate flâneur,
at home in the boulevards and cafés
wears a strange air of Paris, Paname...

(notes) Indolent Suedine,
Paris Cafès Tobacco,
Strolling Wild Grass

Black Afghan

White face and khol,
varnished black nail.
Wafts of hypnotic and cosmic vapors
The malang shaman
swirls to the sounding tambourine,
whirls in ecstasy.

(notes) Frozen Pine,
Crystallized Amber,
Old Burned Wood

Terre Noire

Embers dance like fireflies in the night
hover through the fog of the damp earth
darker than the shadow of the night
the silent spirit of Terre Noire

(notes) Primal Damp Earth,
Barky Rich Humus Soil,
Ancient Woods Of Petrified Pines,
Rare Aged Oakwood

Vetyver Bucolique

VEGETAL FRESQ "Under the dome of Bysantine
fresq enluminated with vegetal golden leaf.
Facing the trained bears, trought the
smell and the noise of the hymns,
the empress walk to the throne
of her imperial power."

(note) Dark Brown Vetyver,
Greenish Highlights of tobacco,
Black Honey.

Thé Sichuan

Happy Summer Time,
iced little flower,
floating on a sichuan tea
For our Fine Little Day
we need a little 'eau a la bouche'

(notes) Crystallized White
Bergamote Sichuan Tea


Arabian nights
In the Café Royal
where night travelers
drink crispy iced mint
on their nomadic travel
from Saint-Germain
to the Walls of Alexander

(notes) Crispy Cold Mint

Sang Bleu

Manhattan fantastica, rocking nights,
whirls in the ecstasy, spontaneous
undulation of pink roses and raw cassis

(notes) Dark Cassis, Accent of Roses
(notes) Crispy Cold Mint

Red Musc

Vermillions like coals
Violets like jets of gas,
Blues like flames of alcohol,
Whites like star light
and Red like musc.

(notes) Vermillions, Coals,
Gas, Star Red Like Musc

Petit Papier

I dream a life of long-drawn carnival,
of disbelieving fantasy and joie de vivre,
undulating from Belleville to Paris,
white pierrots and black dominos,
flying confettis, and scented
little papers

(notes) Volute of Belleville
Burning Petits Papiers,
Benzoin and Balmy Resins

Lili Neroli

Flower bed
little lulabi for Lili
petit grain and blue oranges
little pleasure dropped on Lili's bed
Im a Neroli, phenomenaly, That's me

(notes) Hips Of Neroli,
Sparkling Flowery


"I love its decadence,
its severity, its obviousness,
its radicalism. its darkest,
absolutes, earthly notes,
elementary organic essence,
crude aroma of life…
Beyond Black, Humus is our

(notes) Emanation of earthy, aquaous
cold mushrooms, vetyver, russian blue
pine, oakmoss and violet like the
decaying floor of the undergrowth.


Parfum de Gris...
The clash of fragrances and colors,
creates a nondescript and unexpected
perfume in which reappeared the crude
aroma of chalk pencil fanned by the crop
of the sharpener.

(notes) Monochrome Graphite,
Chalk Palette
and Cropped Wood

Grand Mogul

DARK CHILD “Child of the
black midnight, Amazed statue;
Carve out in the darkest corner
of my heart, whose scent is half
of balsamic, all enameled with azure
and with gold…”

(Note) Rose oud, incense,
resinous, balsamic, rich.

Figue Noire

Head in the vaulted night,
roots lying on the shores
of a clean lake
The fascinating fig tree,
brings a green milky vibration
in the splendor of a meridionnal sky

(notes) Scented Dusk Under
A Wild Fig tree

Cyprés de Max

«Now look up and face
the green heaven, where everything
is gold, steel, light and diamonds,
there glitters forever,
the Cyprés de Max »

(notes) Cedar, iconic cyprès
and magnificient Mandarine Tree.


"It has the odor of stone flower,
It has the aroma of black tree,
It has the fragance of ebony,
It has the smell of darkness,
It is from the heart of Africa..."

(notes) Smoky Dark Aromatic,
Leather Fougere, ebony Notes,
Tarred, Old Burned Bark.

Black Uddù

“Sculpting the essence like a cubist mask,

curving and darkening a leathery floral base,

polishing and faceting a raw amber
to be reminescent
of the sensual beauty
of a primitive artefacts.”

(notes) Leathery Floral Base, Faceted Amber
and Polished Patina

Black Musc

« There is no initiation into such mysteries,
all that mysterious life that stirs
in the forests, in the city, in the heart
of the wild woman, like a somber and
polished dark talisman... »

(notes) Dark Floral Musc, Patinated Amber,
Old-aged Wood Bark

Black Champaka

“Early Monsoon in the street of Bombay,
walking rainbow, laughting storm singing
drop of 
rain, The great magenta kaleidoscop
brings a taste of vermillon
the Black Champaka comes

Let the rain kiss you.”

(notes) Droplets of Champaka, Volute of Benjoin
And Balmy Resins…

Asphalte Rose

“Where and when the wires of convention
can be cut and left dangling.

Rose is the lead role, elusive, very free,
she hits the road leaving a trail

of fresh hints of lavender and
camphor on a warm and dark asphalt…”

(notes) Macadam and Crushed Rosa
Damascena Petals

Ambre Nobile

“Golden morning and Amber night
it’s a blast from the past,
a warm wave from the desert,
the scent of sand and spice.”

(notes) Fossilized Amber, Mineral Crisp,
Smoked Paprika

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